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Father and Son Relationships – Teaching Sons How to be Young Men in the World

Trust and integrity are important in any relationship, so, it does not take rocket science to realise that Father and Son relationships are also based on trust and integrity. When fathering a son trust is integral, as only trust can inspire true intimacy. Fathering was very different only a few generations ago – before the industrial revolution. We lived in a mostly agrarian society when many more men worked the land or in local .

Mothers and Daughters – Teaching Girls How to be Young Women and Building Self-esteem

The young girls of the world today have so many possibilities open to them. Times have changed so dramatically that girls have more choices than ever before to develop their talents, set goals, plan a great future and even more. The last time females of the species had so many choices was many thousands of years ago when they were considered to be the ‘feminine divine’; over time this power was taken away, and .

Spectrum Kids can Feel, Too!

Not too long ago, no one had the slightest clue what autism was, much less autism spectrum disorders. For those of you who are a bit fuzzy around the edges about the subject, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is biological, not strictly psychological. It is a group of disorders of the brain, characterized by an individual’s difficulty with or inability to interact and communicate with others, interpret external and internal events, and frequent “unusual” behavioral .

Treatment for Postpartum Depression

So now that we’ve established what PPD is, let’s discuss the possible treatments for this debilitating, often undiagnosed, disorder. Here’s what WebMd and Gina Shaw shared with us: “If you think you have a perinatal mood disorder, one of the most important things you can do when seeking treatment is to involve your partner. “As soon as I’m seeing someone, I want to get the husband and baby in as well, to see what .

Couplehood – Establishing Trust and Intimacy

Trust is the Key Ingredient Without getting into a long list of “do’s or don’ts”; with no trust in relationships it is highly unlikely that any persons involved in a couplehood would be able to establish intimacy. Trust is the most important aspect of relationship building and can be defined as “creating a secure and safe emotional place for a partner”. Any couple not actively working on creating a safe space for emotions may .