Baby Sleep 101

Sleep affects your physical, mental and emotional health, so making sure your family is getting the right quality and quantity of sleep is very important.  In our Baby Sleep 101 class, we teach expectant parents & parents of newborns how to create healthy sleep habits right from the start.

In this Baby Sleep 101 class you will:

  • Learn about the different variables that can impact sleep in babies & young children
  • Learn how to create gentle sleep routines and when to implement them
  • Learn how to create a sleep friendly environment
  • Learn how often & how many hours your baby should be sleeping at different ages
  • Get basic information on sleep coaching and the different options that exist
  • Discuss strategies to use if problems arise and when to seek help.

This 2 ½  hour class is held one Saturday a month and there is typically three to eight couples. This small group size allows the teacher to personalize the class to your needs and questions.  Handouts are provided.

A Mother’s Haven can additionally support you with our Sleep Support Group and/or Private Sleep Consultations with our Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, Tracie Kesatie. In our Sleep Support Group we share some basic pediatric sleep information, answer general pediatric sleep questions, and provide basic sleep tips and suggestions for children 6 years of age and younger. In the Private Sleep Consultations we give you focused and individualized attention and help you make sure you are following the proper schedule and using the best sleep coaching technique for your family.

Cost: $100 per couple

Time: Saturdays from 1:30pm – 4pm

Upcoming Dates: TBA

Pre–registration required. You can register for the Baby Sleep 101 class by calling the store at (818) 380-3111 or through the online registration page.

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