Infant Massage & Reflexology

Time: Sunday at 12:30pm

Upcoming Date: TBD

Cost: $45 per person or $75 per couple

Pre–registration is required. You can register for the Infant Massage & Reflexology Class by calling the store at (818) 380-3111 or through the online registration page. Interested in the Infant Massage & Reflexology Class and would like more information, just fill out the form below!

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Join us for an early afternoon of bonding and learning as we explore the use of massage and the power of nurturing touch. In this class parents will learn the benefits of Infant Massage and Infant Reflexology. Both are very helpful in relieving and soothing common discomforts, promotes physiological and neurological development and encourages restful sleep.

Infant Reflexology is an exciting concept of Reflexology, widely used in England, Australia and Ireland. Tiny Toes Reflexology is a program now available in Los Angeles which may enhance the natural loving bond between parent and child, giving parents the opportunity to learn special, gentle, techniques from a Reflexologist qualified in Infant Reflexology.

This soothing form of finger-tip and thumb pressure combined with music has been specially created for parents to give to their babies on their feet and to their toddlers on their hands. Parents can adjust the routine to suit their own child’s needs.

About Instructor:

Rebecca Slome is the founder of Tiny Toes Reflexology mommy and me. She has a background in Kiniesilogy and early childhood development as well as 1000 hours and certification in massage , Maternity Reflexology and Infant Reflexology training from England.

Rebecca is a mom of two herself and has used Reflexology on both children since they were infants. She has a true passion for healthy living, babies and the power of nurturing touch coupled with bonding. She is honored to be able to teach the new parents at Mothers Haven!


  • Promotes general health and wellness
  • Decreases reflux
  • Decreases colic symptoms
  • Soothes teething troubles 
  • Reduces ear infections
  • Improves sinus congestion
  • Reduces breathing problems
  • Improves sleeping problems

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