Second Time Moms (Mommy & Me)

And now there’s two (or more!)

You might be feeling tired and overwhelmed, we want to help! So much more than just a “Mommy and Me” class, our Second Time Moms classes are Education & Support groups for moms who are looking for information & friendship. Not just a baby group, or a class where moms will be told how to parent their child, but a place to gather the information and tools to determine what fits best for you and your child.

Our philosophy is that there is not one “right way” to parent, and what works for you might not work for another mother. And what might work one week, might not work the next. We give you tips and strategies for your parenting tool box, helping you to find confidence in your parenting skills and choices.

Our Second Time mommies are grouped together with other mothers whose babies’ birthdays are generally within several months of each other, so that everyone is going through the same ups and downs, and you have a network of support.

Our Second Time Moms Groups are ongoing. The first class sessions start when the babies are around 4-10 weeks old, and then continue until the babies are about a year old (including graduation day!). The year is divided into 8 week sessions, and new moms can join at the start of the new session (or mid-session, if space is available). Many moms stay with their group for the whole first year of their baby’s life, and some transfer into the Working Moms group after their first or second 8-week session.

This 90 minute class is held once a week for 8 weeks and there is typically six to twelve moms and babies. Each class includes a specific topic led by the expert instructor, an open-forum discussion and Q&A time, as well as opening/closing songs and movement activities with your baby.

Facilitated by our wonderful Mothers’ Gathering instructors including: Synthia Praglin, M.A. & Mother & Danielle Vorzimer, Psy.D. & Mother.

Cost: $295 for an 8-week session.

Time: Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Upcoming Second Time Moms Classes
Tuesdays 9:30am – 11am: New session starts March 28th (Calabasas Location) – Register Now!

Wednesdays 10am -11:30am: FULL – Please fill out form below to be added to the interest list.

Fridays 10am – 11:30am (June, July & August 2016 Babies): New session starts February 24th – Register Now!

Mothers’ Gathering Perks

  • 10% Off Your Merchandise Purchase (Excluding Sale)
  • 1 Free Breastfeeding Support Group
  • 1 Free Music Class
  • 20% off All Seminars and Workshops

*Perks must be used within your eight week session.

Pre–registration required. You can register for the Mothers’ Gathering Class by calling the store at (818) 380-3111 or through the online registration page. Classes for new mothers starts every four weeks and they do fill up fast. We recommend getting on our priority list while pregnant to ensure a space in one of our Mothers’ Gatherings, just fill out form below!

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