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What is a doula?
A birth doula is an experienced professional who offers physical and emotional support to the woman and her partner along with technical knowledge that will help parents-to-be navigate the hospital world. Doulas offer a nonjudgmental attitude through encouragement and advocacy during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Doulas support whatever a client’s birth plan is whether it involves an unmedicated birth, an epidural or a cesarean.

imageLauren Ryan and Elizabeth Bedolla provide clients with a definitive level of service to meet specific needs and circumstances. Their passion is to advocate for mothers and their families; by  providing knowledge, experience, energy, security and resources to create a healthy start.

meet elizabeth

Elizabeth is the mother of two boys. During her first pregnancy, fear took over her. As a preschool teacher, she decided that knowledge was the answer. She felt that if she understood the birth process, it would dispel her fears and empower her to embrace this imminent monumental event.Enrolling in a childbirth education class turned out to be a transformational experience! The class opened her eyes to a whole new world. What she learned gave her the confidence to choose how she wanted her birth to go and took away her fear of the unknown. Most importantly, it also set her on her current life path.

In class, she learned the role of a doula from her inspirational instructor, Sherry Rumsey. Seeing the importance of a dedicated support person, she hired her to be her doula.

Her first labor was long (36 hours) and she labored mostly at home before moving to the hospital. Sherry came and provided such wonderful support– never leaving her side, yet respecting her space and needs. She also attended her second birth at home, as her midwife.

After her second baby, she realized how much love she had for her doula. She had carried her gently from prenatal to postpartum. Her respect for the women who provide this priceless support, knowledge, and love to a laboring mother grew. In 2009, She became Sherry’s mom-on-call (caring for her children when she goes to births). Over the years, while observing her mentor, her passion for the work of a doula increased. She had found her calling.

Since then, she has attended numerous trainings and lectures. She has been overjoyed to assist many women in their own journeys through labor, birth, and into motherhood.

meet lauren
Lauren took Supported Birth childbirth education classes when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2000.

After taking the classes Lauren felt confident and excited about giving birth. She had an unmedicated birth after 15 hours of labor and went home from the hospital the next day. Lauren felt that her positive birth experience was greatly connected to the childbirth class she and her husband took. During the labor and birth he offered amazing support and made her feel safe and cared for.

The Director of Supported Birth, Jana Wernor, approached Lauren about getting certified to be a childbirth educator and Lauren loved the idea. She got certified in 2003 and has been teaching private and group classes since then. In 2006 Lauren got certified as a Supported Birth Doula. After being certified she starting attending births, doing postpartum work and teaching newborn care classes.

Lauren likes to read, cook, organize, ride her bike, practice yoga and go to amusement parks. October is her favorite month because she was born then and it has the best holiday, Halloween.

Lauren loves her job because she gets to meet all different types of parents-to-be and knows how important it is for them to go into parenthood feeling relaxed and confident.

If you would like more information, please visit supportedbirthcare.com or send an email to sbirthcare@yahoo.com.







Newborn Care 101: Caring for your Newborn  – Now available on iBook


IMG_1242 2 (1)Lauren Ryan, owner of Supported Birth Care and teacher at A Mother’s Haven has published a one of a kind book with, step-by-step instructional videos and photos, teaching how to master newborn care basics. This must have book features the most up-to-date newborn care information and is invaluable to all parents and caregivers.

With over 25 instructional videos and over 300 photos, Newborn 101 will help parents and caregivers feel confident about taking care of a newborn. Newborn 101 prepares parents starting from immediately after birth and covers a wide range of topics including cloth and disposable diapers, breast and bottle feeding, bathing, crying, swaddling, massage, health care and a complete list of all necessary baby supplies. In addition to the basics, Newborn 101 also covers topics such as twins, single parents, adoptive parents, LGBTQ parents, disabilities, premature newborns and postpartum adjustments. After reading this book and watching the videos parents will be able to make the right choices that work best for their baby and family.

Lauren Ryan – newborn care specialist, childbirth educator and doula – has worked with thousands of parents and newborns to create this essential multimedia book, which focuses entirely on the newborn stage. Lauren created this book because she knows how important it is for parents to feel relaxed and confident going into parenthood.

Download your copy today

Sleep Consultations

Tracie Kesatie, founder of Rest Well Baby, is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a mother of 3 well-rested children.  Her journey into the world of sleep coaching began after the birth of her first child who was not a great sleeper.  Tracie struggled with sleepless nights and discovered how gentle sleep coaching could restore health, harmony and happy mornings to her home. Tracie is now passionate about helping other tired families get the sleep they need and she uses her extensive training and experience to develop supportive, customized sleep solutions for the families that she works with all while taking into consideration each family’s sleep challenge, lifestyle and goals.  

Tracie’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  She is also the graduate of The Gentle Sleep Coach program as well as The Infant Mental Health and Development Foundation Program.   

In addition to working with private clients, Tracie leads workshops, sleep support groups and holds speaking engagements throughout the Los Angeles area.  Tracie has appeared as a special guest on the Home & Family TV show giving new mom Debbie Matenopoulos some gentle sleep tips and she has been featured as a sleep expert in a variety of sleep related publications.  

If you have a little one who is not sleeping well, please contact Tracie to schedule a FREE 15 minute initial call to get more acquainted.  Tracie would be delighted to learn about your family’s sleep story, answer your general questions about how she works, and discover how she can help your family get the gift of sleep.  

Online at: www.restwellbaby.com or via email:  restwellbaby@gmail.com