Bambo Nature Diapers – Size 2

Bambo Nature Diapers – Size 2

Price: $18.00

Bambo Nature Diapers - Size 2 - 30 Count. The new Bambo Nature eco nappies are ultra thin and super absorbent with a top dry layer that draws wetness away from baby’s delicate skin. Even with repeat wetting, your baby will stay dry and comfortable.

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  • Super soft– new softer cloth-like back and top sheet
  • Super absorbent – top dry system draws moisture away
  • Thin & perfect fit – extra comfort and greater ease of movement with no leaks
  • Breathable – soft cloth-like back sheet allows air to circulate to skin to prevent irritation
  • Flexible – stretchy side panels to get that perfect fit
  • Biodegradable core
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Made in Denmark

Size 2 fits babies weighing 7-13lbs.