Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Price: $36.50

Go to sleep under a starry night sky! The award-winning Twilight Turtle makes bedtime fun for children of all ages. These constellation nightlights are the perfect bedtime companions. The Twilight Turtle is the first and only plush constellation nightlights ever created, gently transform nurseries and bedrooms into a starry night sky that comforts and calms children and adults alike.

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From within their plastic shells, Twilight Turtle, project a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room. Twilight Turtle  comes with three soothing color options green, blue, and amber, each illuminating different brightness levels to create magical, tranquil environments that are ideal for helping children of all ages fall asleep easier.

The Twilight Turtle is more than just a soothing bedtime companion, they are also an interactive and educational toy. Within the star pattern are 8 actual constellations. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide.

The life size Twilight Friends is 14 inches head to tail and stands 5 inches high. This wonderful interactive nightlight also includes a battery saving time out function, push button reactivation, easy color selection, and 3 AAA batteries.

A perfect gift for all ages. Float away in peaceful slumber under Twilight Turtle'sl beautiful star-filled sky.