Plan Toys Geo Sorting Board

Plan Toys Geo Sorting Board

Price: $22.00

A great way to teach young children to count and differentiate shapes. Watch your little one learn problem solving and work on their hand-eye coordination while having fun!

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What an imaginative toy! Plan Toys Geometric Sorting Board is a set of 16 colorful pieces in 4 geometric shapes which can be stacked together on the correct pegs.

Recommended for ages 2-3

Product Size: 17.5x17.5x6 cm / 6.9x6.9x2.4 inches

About Plan Toys: PlanToys uses naturally processed, replenishable rubberwood, which is free from preservatives, harmful additives, and coloring - all paints are tested for safety.
In addition, Plan Toys is the first and only company to pass and receive the EO standard certification, which illustrates the highest safety standard to exposure to formaldehyde in wooden products or toys. Each and every product undergoes strict safety tests from Europe, the United States, and Japan, ensuring that the toy your child plays with is completely safe.