Mothers’ Gathering (Mommy & Me)

Time: Monday through Sunday at 10 and 12pm

Price: $296 for an 8-Week Session or $120 for a 4-Week Mini Session

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About Class

We know that your first year with your baby can be extremely hard! You might be feeling tired and overwhelmed, we want to help. So much more than just a Mommy and Me class, our Mothers’ Gathering classes provide Education & Support to moms who are looking for information & friendship. Not just a baby group, or a class where moms will be told how to parent their child, but a place to gather the information and tools to determine what fits best for you and your child.

The Benefits of Mommy and Me can be significant for both Mom and Baby. In our Mothers’ Gathering class, our philosophy is there is no one “right way” to parent. What works for you, might not work for another mother. What might work one week, may not work the next? In the class, we give you tips and strategies for your parenting toolbox, helping you to find confidence in your parenting skills and choices.

Our Mothers’ Gathering moms are grouped with other moms whose babies’ birthdays are generally within several weeks or months of each other. This allows you to connect with other moms experiencing similar successes and challenges and provides you with a network of support.

Our Mothers’ Gathering groups are ongoing. The first class sessions start when the babies are around 4-10 weeks old, and then continue until the babies are about a year old (including graduation day!). The year is divided into 8-week sessions (90-minutes) or 4-week mini sessions (60-minutes), and new moms can join at the start of the new session (or mid-session, if space is available). Many moms stay with their group for the whole first year of their baby’s life, and some transfer into the Working Moms group after their first or second 8-week session.

There are typically six to twelve moms and babies enrolled. Each class includes a specific topic led by the expert instructor, an open-forum discussion, and Q&A time. For babies, the class includes singing songs, developmentally appropriate toys, movement, and other activities to aid their cognitive, social, and motor skill development.

Mothers’ Gathering Perks:

  • 10% Off Your Merchandise Purchase (Excluding Sale)
  • 1 Free Mommy & Baby Yoga Class
  • Gift Bag by City Moms

*Perks must be used within your eight-week session.

mothers’ gathering mini sessions

Ready to add more fun and adult interaction into your week? Come join us in our virtual Mothers’ Gathering Mini Session. The 4-week one-hour classes will be facilitated by Heather Ward or Taryn Rioseco packs tons of conversation, community, learning, and mama-self care into a manageable time slot.

Tuesdays 12pm
Second Time Moms hosted by Heather Ward: Fill out Interest Form Below to Be Added to Interest List

Sundays 10am
Working Moms hosted by Taryn Rioseco: New Mini Session Starts January 24th

upcoming dates

Mondays 10am
(August thru November 2020 Babies): New Session Starts January 25th

Wednesdays 10am
(April, May & June 2020 Babies): New Session Starts January 27th

Thursdays 10am
(December 2019, January, February & March 2020 Babies): New Session Started December 17th

Fridays 10am
(September, October & November 2018 Babies): New Sessions Starts December 18th

Tuesdays 12pm
Second Time Moms hosted by Heather Ward: Fill out Interest Form Below to Be Added to Interest List

Sundays 10am
Working Moms hosted by Taryn Rioseco: New Mini Session Starts January 24th

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Protecting our families’ safety and well-being is our number one priority. To better serve our community, we have implemented curbside services, delivery services, and all of our educational classes will be taught virtually in the safety of your home or outdoors.


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