Sleep Support Group

Does your child have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by all of the different sleep books and conflicting advice? The child, toddler & infant sleep support group at A Mother’s Haven is for moms and dads with children 6 years old or younger who have general pediatric sleep questions, want to learn how to create healthy sleep habits and would like basic sleep tips & suggestions. This child, toddler & infant sleep support group is focused on providing parents basic pediatric sleep education and non-judgmental emotional support.

This group is facilitated by Tracie Kesatie, M.A., Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Tracie has helped sleep train many children, including her own and has years of experience working with tired parents.

A Mother’s Haven also offers Private Sleep Consultations for those experiencing more serious or urgent challenges. In a Private Sleep Consultation we give you focused and individualized attention and help you and your child establish a sleep routine that works.

Sleep Support Group Cost: $20 for each Session

Time: One Wednesday a Month at 12pm

Upcoming Date: Please fill out form below to be added to the interest list.

Pre–registration is required. You can register for the Sleep Support Group by calling the store at (818) 380-3111 or through the online registration page. Interested in the Sleep Support Group and would like more information, just fill out form below!

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