Honest Face & Body Lotion

Honest Face & Body Lotion

Price: $11.00

A delightfully tear-free, plant-based cleanser perfect for the whole family – honestly clean and extremely satisfying!

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  • Organic olive, shea, jojoba, and safflower oils hydrate, and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Chamomile, calendula, and aloe protect and soothe
  • Perfect for all skin types – sensitive, dry, and allergy-prone
  • Meticulously designed with extra purity and care – what goes ON your baby and body is just as important as what goes IN
  • No harsh chemicals (ever!) – honestly rich and extremely satisfying
  • Hypoallergenic • Vegan • Plant-Based • Biodegradable • pH Balanced • Naturally Non-Toxic

8.5 fl. oz. (250 mL)