Doggy Proofing Workshop


As you prepare for your new baby, it is important to ensure your dog is also well prepared for your growing family. After all, a baby comes with a lot of changes for your fur baby! In this workshop held at A Mother's Haven, you will learn important skills to teach your dog before bringing baby home, so you both can enter this new stage of life with confidence.

About the Instructor: Amanda Sauler is a trained doula and a dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. She is uniquely qualified to guide you and your family to success as you welcome your new baby. Amanda approaches dog training through the lens of applied ethology, using animal psychology to support the whole family. A baby brings many changes and it is Amanda’s goal to ensure you feel confident as your family grows.

Please note: We love all doggies but this workshop is for people only. Please leave your dogs at home and you can fill them in when you get home.

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