The First Years Breastflow 5 oz. Bottle

The First Years Breastflow 5 oz. Bottle

Price: $6.75

Breastflow™ technology: ideal for Breastfeeding moms!

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Patented nipple design works more like a breast. These nipples fit all Breastflow™ bottles and feature a unique nipple-within-nipple structure that simulates the breast feeding motions of:

  • suction
  • compression
  • milk flow for the baby.

The soft outer nipple encourages the same tongue position as in breast feeding, enabling baby to go back and forth between breast and bottle more easily. The nipple is designed for less air, and its wide shape is designed to be more like a breast. Great for caregivers to feed babies while mom is away, making it ideal for breast feeding moms.

Breastflow bottles are bisphenol-free (BPA-free)