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Sleep Sheep produces 4 soothing sounds from Mother’s calming heartbeat to the gentle sounds of nature. Relax as the soothing sounds of ocean waves, spring showers, and harmonious whale songs create a tranquil environment ideal for helping children of all ages fall asleep.

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Standing 12 inches high, Sleep Sheep features simple push-button sound selection, volume control and an automatic time out function after either 23 or 45 minutes. Sleep Sheep’s removable sound box includes 2 AA batteries. A perfect gift for a restless child in all of us.

Mother’s Heartbeat
Mother’s heartbeat as heard in the womb. The soft, familiar sound that comforts babies during their development.

Spring Showers
The soft, consistent sounds of spring rain help create a cozy atmosphere to lull baby softly to sleep.

Ocean Surf
The calming sounds of ocean waves gently rolling against the seashore provide a tranquil environment ideal for sleep.

Whale Songs
Gentle, harmonious whale songs promote relaxation and are believed to elevate mind and spirit.

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