BG Designwear Birthing Gown

BG Designwear Birthing Gown

Price: $58.00

Our Birthingown is a wrap style made of soft jersey. The stretch fabric gives the soon-to-be-mom the freedom to move and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat and give birth. The Birthingown wraps around her body and ties closed at the empire waist, never again to reveal what she doesn't want the public to see.

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  • Velcro at shoulders for IV, BP and Breastfeeding Babies
  • Rayon Lycra blend for soft luxurious stretch and feel
  • True wrap style dress with opening in the back
  • Full coverage
  • V-neck at front and back for cool cloth
  • One Size fits Most sizing
  • Our Deep Pockets have HOLES! The pockets are deep enough for cell phones, binkies and tissue, but our holes provide access for nurses to thread fetal monitor wires thru!
  • Hem length is 25 inches from Empire waist.
  • Back opens like a curtain for easy back access if mom needs anesthesia or back massage
  • Best for skin to skin bonding