Natursutten Orthodontic Natural Pacifier 0-6 Months

Natursutten Orthodontic Natural Pacifier 0-6 Months

Price: $10.00

Natursutten is one of the best All Natural Rubber Pacifier in America. Having led the way with BPA-free pacifiers, Natursutten is the safest choice for your baby because it contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. It’s made of 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. It features a patented, one-piece design, with no joints or cracks where bacteria can hide or accumulate.

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Natursutten is made in Italy by a family-run business that’s been making rubber baby-products for three generations. It takes about 30 days to make just one Natursutten pacifier because of the curing process for natural rubber (along with the fact that many steps are completed by hand).

  • Designed to gently touch baby's nose more closely simulating breast feeding
  • No cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide
  • Made in Europe to European safety standards
  • Made with 100% natural, sustainable rubber/latex
  • No allergens