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At A Mother’s Haven, our mission is to provide expectant and new parents a nurturing and welcoming environment where they can receive the education, support, and products they need to begin the most rewarding experience of their lives. In addition to our education, support and products, our team has carefully curated workshops and events perfect for you and your family. We look forward to sharing in this experience with you!


Parent-Baby Bonding With Music

Madeleine Brown, MT-BC

Music therapy for parents and baby includes:

  • Activities to create secure attachment
  • Developmental activities for eye contact, emotional regulation, confidence, and language
  • Using infant musical toys, guitar, and voice
  • Education on the developing mind of your newborn
  • Learn to use music to help the baby fall asleep
  • Facilitating playfulness to bond with baby
  • Processing childbirth and, if relevant, postpartum depression
  • Using music to access short periods of alone time to recharge
  • Education on the “invisible umbilical cord” impacting mother and baby’s symbiotic
    emotional regulation
  • Embracing your voice in order to more deeply connect with the baby

Why music?
Music therapy has been researched and published in many medical journals. One of the clearest findings is that music reduces cortisol levels and lowers our defenses in order to make new insights or process difficult emotions. Another finding in the research is that infants understand and process music in complex ways, allowing us to communicate. Plus, music is accessible and familiar. No musical experience is necessary.

Join us for a Free Workshop Wednesday, February 16th at 11am. Email to RSVP.