Class Policy for Mothers' Gathering Mommy & Me (and Daddy & Me) Classes: Classes are offered as part of either a 10-week or an 8-week session. Due to the nature of bonding and support that is created in a consistent group environment, classes are not available for purchase as a one-time attendance or on a “drop-in” basis. However, enrollment is permitted in our 10-week sessions with a minimum purchase of 8 classes, and enrollment is permitted in our 8-week sessions with a minimum purchase of 6 classes. There are no make-ups allowed for absences during sessions, nor are class credits or refunds permitted for missed classes. Classes are non-transferable for merchandise. Withdraws more than 6 days before the start date are eligible for a refund less a $25 administration fee or 10% fee, whichever is less. Withdraws 6 or less days prior to the start date will forfeit class and payment. Classes may be added, delayed, or cancelled based on enrollment. Please note that for the health, safety, and consideration of everyone, classes may be moved to a virtual format if necessary. 

Class Policy for All Other Classes (Besides Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me): Classes are non-transferable for merchandise. Cancellations more than 24 hours before the start date of a class (or session) is eligible for a refund less a $25 administration fee or 10% fee, whichever is less. In lieu of cancellation, a one-time transfer may be made more than 24 hours before the start of a class subject to class availability. Transfers that are not attended will be forfeited. If a transfer is not available, a cancellation will be processed less a $25 administration fee or 10% fee, whichever is less. 

Cancellations and/or transfer requests less than 24 hours prior to a class forfeits class and payment. Classes may be added or cancelled based on enrollment. If a class needs to be rescheduled due to illness or inclement weather, you will be notified by email or by phone as soon as possible. The rescheduled class will be made-up on the next available date.
A Mother’s Haven Sick Policy: We do not allow children in the class who are sick and/or contagious. 

Mother’s Haven Classroom Policy: Please be kind & leave your shoes & food behind. Socks are required. Guests are not allowed (unless authorized by the instructor).

Mothers’ Gathering and Daddy & Me classes are non-clinical and for educational purposes only. They do not comprise a physician-patient or therapist-client relationship. They are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have discussed in class.