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Saturday Afternoons - 3 hours

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Expectant parents

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Nina Withers
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Breastfeeding is endorsed by the world's health and scientific organizations for feeding infants. Years of research have shed light on the vast array of benefits not only for children but also for mothers and society. In this Breastfeeding 101 – Introduction to Breastfeeding Class, we teach expectant parents how to breastfeed.

While breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for you and your baby, it isn't necessarily easy. Some moms and babies quickly achieve a proper latch, while others need a little extra help to get there. The natural aspects of breastfeeding are the baby's innate suck mechanism and need for sustenance and your body's production of milk. Proper positioning and latch-on are essential for successful nursing. Learning prenatally how your body produces milk, and practicing proper nursing techniques, are the first steps to successfully learning how to breastfeed your baby.

In this Breastfeeding 101 Class you will:

    • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of breast milk production.
    • Learn and practice proper positioning and latch-on.
    • Learn how often a typical newborn will nurse.
    • Learn strategies to use if problems arise and when to seek help.
    • Discuss strategies for working and breastfeeding.

This 3-hour Breastfeeding Semi-Private Class is held in-store on a Saturday once a month. This small group size allows the teacher to personalize the class to your needs and questions. Handouts and materials are provided. Please contact the store if you would like a virtual class over Zoom.

Once your baby arrives, A Mother's Haven can additionally support you with a Private Lactation Consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable lactation consultants. In a Private Lactation Consultations, we give you focused and individualized attention and help you make sure you are using the proper breastfeeding technique.

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