Pediatric CPR + Family Safety



Tuesday Evenings - 2.5 hours

Best For

Expectant parents, new parents, and caretakers

Our Teacher

Richard Pass
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Current Classes

Pediatric CPR and Family Safety education remain a high priority for all parents and care providers. A Mother's Haven offers the “Save a Little Life” course at our location throughout the year.

In this Pediatric CPR and Family Safety Class you will:

  • Learn how to provide immediate emergency attention to a sick or injured infant or child prior to the arrival of advanced life support (paramedics), including basic CPR & skills to clear airway obstruction.
  • Learn how to respond to common household injuries and accidents.
  • Learn how to react when they encounter head injuries, seizures, burns, poisonings, and other incidents.

    This 2 1/2 hour Pediatric CPR and Family Safety Class is held in-store on a Tuesday evening once a month (occasionally, classes are offered on other days). We highly recommend that all parents, grandparents, and caregivers attend this potentially life-saving course. Because we want parents and caregivers to be focused on learning these lifesaving skills, we ask you to please leave your baby/child at home. Handouts and materials are provided. Please contact the store if you would like a virtual class over Zoom.


    • No children permitted.
    • 4/13/2024 Saturday will be a TODDLER/SMALL CHILDREN CPR class

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