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Daddy & Me Class is a place for new Dads to find education and support as they navigate the excitement and challenges of parenthood. Parenting is not a “one size fits all” approach, and we provide Dads the information and tools to help determine what works best for their little ones. Like Moms, Dads also experience a transition when they become fathers, and our class brings Dads together in a relaxed group environment where they will find camaraderie and help to succeed in their new role as a parent and as a support partner.

Daddy & Me Class for babies 6-12 months old meets once a week for 8 weeks (please see calendar for exact dates). Classes are held on weekend mornings for 90 minutes. At the end of this session, we celebrate our Haven Babies (soon-to-be toddlers!) with a special cap and gown graduation ceremony.

Although not necessary, parents may find Daddy & Me class most useful when Moms are also enrolled (or were previously enrolled) in our Mothers' Gathering Mommy and Me Class. Daddy & Me class covers many similar and related topics as those covered in Mothers' Gathering (including transition to fatherhood, bonding with baby, parenting with a partner, learning to be a support partner, work/life balance, mindfulness, baby's sleep and feeding, and developmental milestones), although oftentimes from the opposite side of the coin. This allows both Mom and Dad (when both are enrolled in separate classes respectively) to reflect meaningfully on the same issues facing all parents and help gain understanding and clarity into each other's perspectives and challenges.

Many parents may find immense value alone in the opportunity for Dad and Baby to bond together on a regular basis (as well as give Mom dedicated alone/self-care time). Although visitors are not permitted in class, we encourage Moms that may need to breastfeed their babies to stay close if needed—our store is located in a shopping center with many places to fill time. Moms are always welcome to wait in our store as well. Due to the nature of bonding and support that is created in a consistent group environment, classes are not available for purchase as a one-time attendance or on a “drop-in” basis. However, if you cannot attend all classes in a session, we do allow classes to be purchased on a prorated basis with a minimum purchase requirement of 6 classes.

For Dads, each class includes a specific topic led by an instructor, an open-forum discussion, and Q&A time. For babies, the class includes singing songs, developmentally appropriate toys, movement, and other activities to aid their cognitive, social, and motor skill development.

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