• Candice Grabois Rosene

Candice Grabois Rosene has been immersed in the realm of parenting and early childhood development for the past decade; teaching “parent & me” classes, working at a cooperative preschool, being lovingly involved in her own children’s education, and working at a non-profit creating programming and building community for families with children under 3 years old. Candice is a certified life coach who supports mothers on their continuing matrescence journey. Through continued learning and with an understanding of neurodiversity, she works with parents to release limiting beliefs so that they can navigate their shifts with grace and without an ‘identity crisis’. As an intuitive and empathetic listener, she helps others raise awareness so that insights are uncovered, and positive shifts can be made. Candice understands that all mothers share a common bond, regardless of unique values, cultures, and backgrounds. She creates an inclusive, welcoming environment where feelings and experiences are shared without judgement. Candice is also an alum of A Mother’s Haven classes, where she formed forever friendships that have had lasting impacts on her life.