Fridababy Windi - The GasPasser


The Windi, dubbed as "The GasPasser," offers a natural solution for babies suffering from colic and gas. Unlike traditional remedies that require ingestion of drops or medication, the Windi provides instant relief. Conceived by a pediatric gastroenterologist, this unique tool is a single-use, hollow tube specifically designed to help babies expel excess gas safely and naturally. Drawing inspiration from the method most pediatric professionals use—a rectal thermometer—to relieve gas and colic, the Windi is purpose-built for this task. The soft, pliable design of the tube ensures your baby's comfort. It boasts a rounded tip long enough to bypass the muscle obstructing gas release, while its built-in stopper ensures it doesn't go too deep, prioritizing your baby's safety. The Windi not only stimulates the sphincter but also provides an efficient, all-natural alternative to gas and colic relief, without the need for any ingestibles. Additionally, parents can be assured of its safety and sanitation as it's BPA and latex-free. Each package conveniently contains 10 disposable, single-use Windi tubes, making it a reliable and effective choice for parents seeking immediate relief for their little ones.

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