Feel confident cleaning your baby day or night- now with the ability to see inside little noses and ears. Safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers with the oogiebear-brite light-up baby booger remover. •New light up design with two changeable tools – use the scoop-ended tool to remove dried boogers and clean ears, and the loop-ended tool for sticky snot – all without waking baby or turning on a light! •The special rubber scoop and loop are gentle enough for sensitive little noses and ears while firm enough to clean quickly and effectively. Our patented bear head design ensures it never goes up too far. •No need for the oogiebear-brite to be plugged in. The brite comes with a small case to store easily at home or on the go. •While traditional aspirators and nose suckers for baby can push boogers further into the nose, oogiebear-brite is simple to use and clean; no infant saline drops or aspiration tube required! •Doctor designed, Mom tested!
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