Silverette Nursing Cups


Silverette® nursing pads are a mama’s secret weapon for pain-free breastfeeding and pumping. The original 925 silver nursing pads designed and handmade in Italy, Silverette® are FDA-registered, and designed with your comfort in mind. Easy to use and made of high-quality, natural materials, you can feel confident that Silverette® pads are the safest choice for you and your baby. Your nipples feed the future – they deserve the best!

The original Silverette® nursing pad is now offered in two sizes: Silverette® Regular and Silverette® XL. Silverette® XL is the newest member of our nipple relief team. Specifically crafted for women with a breast size of C or larger, the XL model was created to bring ultimate healing to sore nipples in an extended range of sizes. We recommend Silverette® XL for mamas with an areola width (the highly-pigmented circular surface surrounding the nipple) of 1.8 inches or greater.

For best results, use with the O Feel ring (sold separately).

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