Canyon Leaf CanyonLeaf 11" Raw Amber and Stones Baby Necklace

Color: Rainbow

Baltic amber necklaces, designed especially for children, are aesthetically pleasing and serve as a natural remedy to alleviate the discomfort associated with teething. These necklaces and bracelets, beautifully crafted and lightweight, emit calming energies, promoting tranquility and natural pain relief. As the child wears the necklace, it's believed to enhance their immune response, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing process during teething. Deeply rooted in tradition, these amber necklaces are revered across Europe and the Far East for their medicinal properties, believed to date back millions of years. Today, amber continues to be celebrated for its therapeutic qualities in treating joint and arthritic pain and in alleviating teething pain in children. The spectrum of warm hues of these necklaces harnesses the natural analgesic effects of amber, ensuring comfort for both child and mother. Every piece of our amber jewelry encapsulates genuine Baltic amber, which boasts an age of over 45 million years, distinctive for its high concentration of Succinic Acid, known for its health benefits. Each bead in our jewelry is hand-knotted, ensuring bead security, and each necklace is equipped with an easily maneuverable screw clasp. While amber jewelry is designed for wearing, it isn't intended for chewing, and children should always be supervised while wearing it, ensuring it's removed during sleep or when unsupervised.

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