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Introducing the innovative Goumimitts, specially crafted mittens for infants and babies. Driven by a vision of promoting safe exploration and growth, these mittens not only shield delicate baby skin from inadvertent scratches but also serve as a protective barrier against germs. Setting them apart is our signature two-part closure system, ensuring not just security, but also providing an adaptable fit that keeps pace with your baby's growth. Composed of a sustainable blend of 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton, these mittens are as gentle on the environment as they are on baby's skin, boasting both antimicrobial properties and season-adaptive comfort. Every pair of Goumimitts comes pre-washed, but for continued care, we suggest a gentle machine wash in either cold or warm water, followed by air drying. With an array of colors and prints, these mittens can seamlessly integrate with all items in our product line. Our philosophy resonates in every stitch: by prioritizing smart design, we believe in nurturing smart parenting and, subsequently, smart babies. This mindset propels us away from transient consumer habits, drawing us closer to a brand identity rooted in intention and purpose. The spirit of Goumikids is anchored in a profound desire to make a tangible difference. To materialize this ethos, we channel 10% of our overall profits, and a remarkable 100% of earnings from our goumigiving print, into global ventures that prioritize child protection and the empowerment of girls. But Goumimitts are more than just protective barriers. They're thoughtfully designed comforts, crafted from organic and supremely soft materials that adjust to babies' rapid growth stages, accommodating them for up to three months. These mittens also play a pivotal role in nurturing cognitive development. Scientific research suggests that neonates have limited color perception. In response, our mittens feature high-contrast, baby-friendly patterns that captivate their attention, serving as stimuli for their burgeoning brains.

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