You're a Big Sister


The branches of our family tree are beautifully sprouting anew. Surprise, you’re a big sister now—congratulations on this delightful turn of events! As with every new addition, there’s a whirlwind of emotions in tow—unexpected surprises, puzzling moments, exhilarating changes, all weaving into a splendid journey. "You’re a Big Sister" encapsulates this rich tapestry of feelings and experiences, spotlighting the vibrant aspects of a blossoming family. Complemented by enchanting illustrations and drenched in warmth, this book radiates pure joy and eager anticipation—a heartfelt cheer for the newest big sister! Crafted by Marianne Richmond, the acclaimed author of "If I Could Keep You Little", this touching narrative embodies the deep, emotional connections families share, making it a treasure for readers across generations.

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