Earth Mama Organics Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash


Introducing our Organic Sweet Orange Baby Wash, a blend of pure vanilla, sweet orange, and calendula, ideal for hand washing, body cleansing, and even organic household cleaning. Prioritizing safety and transparency, our wash contains no artificial fragrances, preservatives, Triclosan, phthalates, or sulfates. Instead, it's infused with organic herbs and oils, all transparently listed on the ingredient panel. Beyond its aromatic appeal, it's dermatologist-tested to ensure it's gentle on delicate baby skin. It's so trusted that even hospital NICUs choose it. Rich in organic rooibos and calendula, complemented by organic oils and shea butter, our formula deeply moisturizes, catering even to the dry skin of newborns. While gentle on human skin, its castile soap component makes it fiercely effective against household grime. Blend it with baking soda for an all-purpose cleaner or dilute in a sprayer with water for a natural fruit and veggie rinse. Packaged with a handy foamer pump to prevent soap from getting into baby's eyes, this cruelty-free and vegan Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash isn't just for babies or expectant mothers. It's a versatile hand wash, shampoo, and body cleanser fit for everyone in the family.

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