Beco Baby Carrier Gemini Baby Carrier LE Delta Gothic

Color: Black/White, Gotchic

Designed to give a comfortable ride, the Beco Toddler Carrier is perfect for kiddos weighing between 20 to 60 pounds. Not only is it built to last, but it's also machine washable, making it easy to maintain. For the best care, when washing, place the carrier inside a pillowcase to prevent the straps from tangling with the agitator in the machine. One of the many benefits of choosing this carrier is that it comes complete with a zippered bag and a detachable sleep hood, eliminating the need to purchase additional accessories. Just like its counterpart, the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, it offers versatile wearing options; it can be worn on the front or back, with the choice of crossing the straps or keeping them straight. Additionally, it can be conveniently worn on the front or adjusted like a backpack on your back.

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