• Sharon Curtin-Bottomley

Sharon has devoted the last 11 years of her 3+ decades as a registered nurse to the education and support of expecting parents. She loves to work with soon-to-be parents as they begin to step into the natural transformation that parenting brings and begin to appreciate their own innate instincts and capabilities that will serve them. Currently she serves families through her hospital based work and private business Confidence In Birth, having guided thousands of individuals and couples through childbirth preparation and new parent classes. Following birth, her work includes breastfeeding support as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Her own two birthing experiences, her work as a labor and delivery nurse and her perinatal interactions with families help inform her perspective and offerings. She holds certification as a Lamaze® educator, Evidence Based Birth® instructor, and presently is training as a Prenatal and Perinatal Educator through APPPAH.

Knowing that we all have our unique strengths and experiences that shape us, so should the way in which we prepare for this new life adventure. Her hope is to help each find their own unique path.