Band Specialist Cinch Signature Just for Me Combo With Cold/Warm Compress


Pregnancy and childbirth are transformative experiences, stretching the body in unimaginable ways. As you navigate these profound changes, it's essential to arm yourself with effective support systems. The Cinch Signature™, part of our luxury collection of postpartum wraps, is designed to provide optimal support after both natural and C-section births. It serves as both a back support and a hip shaper. More than just facilitating a reduction in size, the wrap aims to offer holistic support, mirroring the nurturing care you extend to your baby. Distinguished features include 360-degree controlled compression, a zipper closure for double the compression, tension control via superior elastic memory wings, and adjustable panels that adapt as you do. For enhanced healing and improved circulation, the wrap incorporates an embedded Negative Ion fabric lining. Available in either Grey or Pink and in three sizes, the Cinch Signature™ also includes a cold/warm compress panel to further soothe and support your postpartum tummy.

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