BELLY BANDIT B.F.F. Postpartum Belly Wrap

Color: Brown

Over a decade ago, Belly Bandit® revolutionized postpartum care by introducing our doctor-recommended Belly Wraps. These wraps, inspired by the centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding, were modernized to fit the needs of today's moms. Renowned for their efficacy, our Belly Wraps are designed to support and slim the belly, waist, and hips post-delivery, helping mothers feel and look their absolute best. As the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand specializing in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps and Corsets, we pride ourselves on delivering results. We believe that when you deliver, so do we. In fact, the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics supports the benefits of abdominal binders, highlighting them as a simple, non-pharmacological solution to relieve pain and distress following a Cesarean delivery.

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