Color: Pink

Elevate your style with the Chewbeads Perry Necklace, available in a dazzling array of 10 colors to complement any ensemble. This necklace boasts a contemporary chunky design that mirrors high-end pieces from renowned department stores, but it holds a unique advantage for moms. As mothers of nursing babies or young toddlers can attest, youngsters are naturally drawn to grab and gnaw on accessible items. The Perry necklace offers a fashionable yet safe alternative to traditional jewelry, preventing babies from ingesting harmful substances. Crafted from 100% silicone, similar to the material of pacifiers, it's gentle on budding teeth and gums. Cleaning is a breeze, either with dish soap and water or simply in the dishwasher. Designed with both round and faceted oval beads, it's set to be a cherished item in any discerning mom's collection. Plus, the breakaway clasp ensures safety, while also serving as a sensory tool to aid babies in concentration during nursing. Pair it seamlessly with selections from our custom bead necklace gift sets for a holistic look.

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