FridaBaby Easy Grip Nail Scissors


Introducing a product thoughtfully designed for the tiniest of fingers. With its rounded curved blade tips, our nail scissor ensures that the first snip is secure and free from the inadvertent nicks often associated with traditional clippers. Regardless of whether you're left or right-handed, the handle is crafted to offer total control, simplifying the trimming process. To further ensure precision and ease of use, the scissor comes with an ergonomic grip, offering full control, a refreshing change from those minute handles or intimidating clippers. Understanding the nature of babies and their penchant for fidgeting, our product features a 2-in-1 grip and safety case. This design not only provides an additional layer of safety but also allows the baby to hold it, making the cutting and clipping process smoother. For added peace of mind, know that our scissors are made with lightweight stainless steel blades and are BPA-free. Each package includes 1 Nail Scissor accompanied by its Grip and Safety Case, ensuring a seamless and safe grooming experience for your little one.

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