Goumikids Classic Boots 0-3 Months

Color: Pewter

Say goodbye to the age-old problem of vanishing baby socks with these exceptionally crafted organic baby boots. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these super-soft boots are made from a luxurious blend of 70% viscose derived from bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Beyond their undeniable softness, what truly sets these boots apart is their innovative two-part adjustable closure system. This design not only ensures the boot remains securely on your baby's foot but also adapts as your little one grows. For those infants aged 6 months and above, these boots come with a delightful pattern on the top toes, adding a touch of whimsy. Furthermore, they're equipped with extra grip on the soles, aiding those precious initial steps and ensuring they're as safe as they are charming. When it comes to care, these boots are as low-maintenance as they are stylish. Simply machine wash them on a low or delicate setting and choose between a gentle low heat tumble dry or line drying. With these boots, comfort, style, and practicality intertwine seamlessly.

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