Green Sprouts Cooling Fruit Teether


Baby's comfort is paramount, and the Cooling Fruit Teether has been meticulously designed with this in mind, offering solace for those swollen and sensitive gums during teething phases. This teether is not only perfect in size but also aids in promoting healthy oral development, catering to the varying needs as baby progresses through different teething stages. Its design is both functional and user-friendly, with a shape that's effortless for the baby to grip, gum, and chew. Additionally, the textured surface works wonders by massaging those sensitive gum areas, bringing further relief. Parents can take additional comfort in knowing that this product is crafted without the inclusion of BPA and PVC, ensuring baby's health and well-being. Key features include its ability to soothe gums, foster healthy oral growth, and its safer plastic composition filled with sterilized water. For enhanced comfort, it can be chilled, and its textured surface is specifically designed to offer a gentle massage for the gums. Its ergonomic design ensures it's easy for the baby to hold, gum, and chew.

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