Green Sprouts Reusable Snack Bags - 2 Pack


Take your little one's snacks and accessories on-the-go with our green sprouts Reusable Snack bags. These reusable bags offer convenient storage for baby's snacks, utensils, teethers, pacifiers, or for adult travel bags! A zipper closure and waterproof outer layer keeps items contained, while the premium food-safe lining blocks food from direct contact with the Waterproof PU material for health and safety. These reusable food storage Bags have a clear front panel to easily see items Inside for convenient storage and organization. The stain-resistant, waterproof materials and curved corners help to quickly clean and wipe out crumbs. Use and reuse our snack bags as an alternative to plastic bags to create less waste. Use the cute name label to personalize these reusable Snack bags for childcare, preschool, and school.

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