Handi-Craft Company Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Narrow Baby Bottle Silicone Nipple, 2 Pack


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Nipple is designed as the next step for growing babies, ensuring they have a nipple that suits their growing needs. This anti-colic baby bottle comes with a Level 2 Nipple which, thanks to its Anti-Colic internal vent system, is clinically proven to reduce colic, decrease spit-up, burping, and gas, ensuring a more comfortable feeding experience for the baby. The vacuum-free feeding it offers closely mimics breastfeeding, and the nipple ensures a consistent flow, allowing babies to feed at their own pace. Each nipple level guarantees clinical consistency within the flow rate for a constant and comfortable feeding experience. Furthermore, the breast-like nipple shape promotes a proper latch, facilitating a more natural bottle-feeding experience and simplifying the transition from breast to bottle and vice versa. The Level 2 Nipple combined with the Anti-Colic vent system helps in preserving bottle milk nutrients and aids in digestion, resulting in a better night's sleep for the baby. Made of soft 100% silicone, this nipple is compatible with all Dr. Brown’s narrow bottles. For ease of maintenance, it's safe for use in the dishwasher (top rack only), electric and microwave sterilizers, or boiling water. Plus, it's BPA-free for added peace of mind.

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