Love, Grandma and Me: A Guided Journal for Girls and their Grandmas


Stay connected in a simple yet profound way with this essential guided grandma-granddaughter journal, designed for creativity and ease of use. "Love, Grandma and Me" offers a unique space for grandmothers and granddaughters to bond through engaging prompts, reflective questions, drawing and photo areas, and coloring pages. This shared journal, more than just a keepsake, enables both parties to record memories, exchange stories, ask questions, and delve into both shared and distinct interests. From interactive lists to back-and-forth letters, the participants are encouraged to reflect, write, doodle, and even work on their penmanship. Dive into thought-provoking questions, record cherished memories, and compare life perspectives across generations. Whether it's a special gift for Grandma, an activity for homeschooling, or a memory book, this journal is the perfect tool to celebrate and document your shared journey. Don't forget to explore Katie Clemons' entire collection of grandchild-grandparent journals, which includes keepsake journals for grandsons with grandmas, granddaughters with grandpas, and a universal grandchild-grandpa version.

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