Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Board Book


Introducing the black and white developmental toys from Manhattan Toy's acclaimed Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection, pioneers in black and white developmental toys based on meticulous laboratory research. This unique collection adjusts its patterns in tandem with a baby's evolving visual development, encompassing a spectrum of design complexity and color. The "See and Say" board book is a centerpiece of this collection, with its 10 pages each showcasing high-contrast graphics that alternate between black and white and vivid colors, all to bolster a baby's visual prowess. Each page has a concise one-word text, nurturing a reciprocal interaction between the baby and the adult. Designed with newborn safety in mind, its pages are easily maneuvered by tiny hands, cultivating their motor skills. A delightful twist on the final page is a baby-safe mirror, adding a touch of self-discovery. It's been established through professional studies that infants gravitate more towards high-contrast patterns than mere color. This board book was crafted keeping this in mind, propelling babies towards pattern recognition. Durable and measuring 6" x 6", it's crafted from robust fiberboard, making it a travel-friendly option. Beyond just this board book, the entire Wimmer-Ferguson collection by Manhattan Toy is aimed at fostering eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-recognition, a sense of object permanence, and interactions with cause and effect in babies and infants.

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