Medela Freestyle Spare Parts Kit, Breast Shield Connectors and Membranes


Keep an extra set of breast shield connectors on hand for use with your Freestyle breast pump whenever you may need them! All components of the Medela Freestyle spare parts kit are authentic Medela spare parts that are engineered, tested, and approved to work specifically with your Freestyle breast pump. Inauthentic or counterfeit spare parts can vary significantly in terms of design, materials used, and overall workmanship, all of which may affect the performance of your Medela breast pump. What’s Included: (2) Breast shield connectors; (2) Membranes and back caps All Medela breast milk bottles, accessories, and breast pump parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA, so you can continue feeding your baby with breast milk for as long as you choose. Refresh your Freestyle breast pump or simply have extra components on hand for when you need them most, so you can begin or continue pumping right away.

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