Medela SoftShells Breast Shells


Medela SoftShells were specially designed to help solve some of the most common frustrations experienced by breastfeeding mothers, such as flat or inverted nipples or soreness. These conditions can make continued breast milk feeding difficult, often leading to latching challenges and/or increased nipple soreness. Medela understands how challenging flat or inverted nipples can be when nursing - our breast shells were designed for superior comfort through soft, flexible silicone backs and a low-profile design that provides a flattering, natural appearance beneath clothing. What’s Included: (2) Medela SoftShells; (2) Flexible silicone backs; (4) Reusable, washable foam inserts; (1) Instruction Manual Flat or inverted nipples can be challenging for any new breastfeeding mom – Medela SoftShells are made to apply steady, gentle pressure that gradually draws out flat or inverted nipples, so you can continue feeding your little one breast milk for as long as you choose*. Additionally, our breast shells - like other Medela breast pump parts and accessories that touch breast milk - are made without BPA for the peace of mind that moms deserve. *If soreness develops, persists, or becomes severe, contact your healthcare professional or lactation specialist.

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