Night-Night California


Embark on a heartwarming bedtime journey across the Golden State with this distinctive book designed for toddlers. "Night-Night California" offers a gentle farewell to iconic Californian landmarks, ensuring that your little one's dreams are filled with the wonders of the state. Drift off to sleep with serene visuals of the Golden Gate Bridge, the charm of the Hotel del Coronado, the energy of AT&T Park, the historic Carmel Mission, the grandeur of the Los Angeles Coliseum, and the allure of the San Diego Zoo. Whisper goodnight to Fisherman's Wharf, the prominence of Coit Tower, the vibrancy of Dodger Stadium, the nostalgic San Francisco cable car, the majestic California State Capitol, the vibrant Santa Monica Pier, the serene Echo Park, and the captivating San Diego Natural History Museum. Perfect for parents seeking a unique bedtime narrative, this California board book envelops little readers in a heartfelt embrace, saying, "Goodnight America!"

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