oogiebear® Nasal Booger and Ear Wax Remover for babies

We take our boogers seriously! Safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear® baby booger picker tool (great for little ears too!). •oogiebear's special rubber scoop and loop tips are gentle enough for sensitive little noses and ears and firm enough to clean quickly and effectively, while the patented bear head design ensures it never goes up too far. •As the original 2 in 1 baby ear and nose cleaner, this baby gadget is among parents' top baby essentials for infant registry. The scoop end removes dried boogers from a newborn's nose and cleans ears, and the loop end lassos sticky snot. •oogiebear is simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean which makes it a handy infant snot remover for home or on the go - no infant saline drops or aspiration tube required. •Created by a registered pharmacist and mother •Easy and safe: Latex-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, this reusable tool is made of highest quality materials and easily cleaned.
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