oogiebear mini nose balm and chest rub kit

Helping baby breathe easier meets on-the-go convenience. This oogiebear nosebalm and oogiebear chestrub kit includes a handy carrying pouch so you can take these organic baby skin care products with you right in your diaper bag. Every balm kit includes: A baby-sized organic chest rub and a baby-sized organic nose balm. A little love for little noses… and little chests, too! Made from the highest quality USDA certified organic ingredients. What makes the oogiebalms so special? • cold-pressed oils ensure that all natural compounds stay intact and provide skin nutrients. • non-greasy formula will not stain • formula created to be gentle enough to use on infants 3+ months (chestrub/nosebalm) • USDA certified organic • made without chemicals • made without fillers • made without synthetics • made in the USA *Certified Organic
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