PlanetBox Mix & Match Magnets


Spruce up your child's lunchbox with these delightful, kid-friendly shaped magnets! Tailored especially for our lunchboxes, these die-cut magnets offer a fresh twist from the usual, letting your little one give their lunchbox a personal touch. Use the Word Up magnet set to pen sweet messages, compliments, or funny notes, making lunchtime a tad more exciting. The magnets are made from toxin-free synthetic rubber, ensuring they're safe for kids' use. However, a little heads up for parents: these magnets contain small parts, so they're not suitable for kids under 3 years. Also, keep them dry! If they get damp, they might stick to the lunchbox's top, possibly causing rust. But don’t worry, any marks can be tackled with a mix of vinegar and baking soda. So, let your child enjoy a playful lunch experience every day!

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