Rubbabu Sensory Balls 3" Assorted


Introducing our fuzzy and squishy balls that promise not just entertainment but safety for kids for extended periods. Crafted with a velvety surface, they offer a unique sensory stimulation, perfect for one-handed or two-handed engagement. Their natural rubber foam constitution ensures they're soft enough for the tiniest of hands to grip, yet durable enough for hours of play, bouncing readily and adapting to a plethora of games. Not only are these balls versatile playmates, but they also support developmental milestones. The velvety texture aids tactile stimulation and plays a pivotal role in honing both fine and gross motor skills. Moreover, for children with special needs, these balls provide an added sensory input which can be instrumental for sensory development, doubling as a fidget or comfort toy. The soft material is particularly tailored to allow safe practice and enhancement of motor skills, ensuring learning at every age is both fun and constructive!

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