Ryan and Rose Gentry Cutie Clip


Looking for a stylish yet functional accessory for your little one? Introducing the Teether + Clip combo, designed in a beaded style. With a mini clip measuring approximately 6.5"- 7.5", it's crafted using a nylon cord, seven small food-grade silicone beads, and a lead-free stainless steel Ryan & Rose clip for safety and durability. This particular design is affectionately named 'Gentry', inspired by the maker's daughter, Gentry Paige, who is fondly remembered. Interested in a longer version? Check out the maxi Gentry Cutie Clip. Every piece is proudly made in Tennessee, USA, albeit with some imported materials. Our signature designs boast unique lengths, beads, knots, and our very own branded metal clips. Do note, if you're customizing the Cutie Clip into a lanyard, it's not suited for kids under 5 due to choking hazards. For those special Cutie Clips adorned with Pearl beads, bubbles might be visible but aren't blemishes. To keep track of your Cutie Clip, simply Cutie Chip it!

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