Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks


Cherish these blocks that do more than just stack. They are designed to teach children to spell, sequence, stack, sort, build, match, and much more. Each set boasts four full alphabets, vibrant numbers, mathematical symbols, and an array of meticulously hand-crafted animals, with intricate embossing on two sides of every block. Dive into the nostalgic origin of these blocks. In 1983, upon discovering that no one in the USA was producing wooden blocks for children, William Bultman took it upon himself to handcraft classic wooden alphabet blocks in Grand Rapids, Michigan, birthing the company "Uncle Goose." Today, the legacy continues under the stewardship of Bultman's son, Pete. Here's where it gets even more intriguing: Uncle Goose's Classic ABC blocks remain hand-manufactured in Grand Rapids. Remarkably, they stand as the only Classic ABC blocks that are 100% hand-made in the USA. If there's another toy company upholding this tradition, the challenge is to find it — even Uncle Goose finds this legacy hard to believe after all these years. The set comprises 28 blocks, each 1.75 inches, crafted from sustainable Midwestern basswood and printed with touch-safe inks. Proudly made in the USA, these blocks are recommended for children aged 2 and up.

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